About this course

I am sure you land on this page because you want to learn about enamel painting or honk your skill. I will be her for you and share with you all my knowledge and experience. I am not holding anything back. Everything is on table (rather in the videos) for you. Check back periodically as I will keep adding new videos as they are become available.

    1. How to clean your brushes after enamel paintings

    2. Three tools for enamel painting technique

    3. ​Using small spatula for enamel paint

    4. Using wipe out tool for enamel paint

    5. Alternative way of drying your enamel paint

    6. Preserving your mixed enamel paint for a fallowing workday

    7. Organizing your Enamel Paint Brushes

In this chapter you will find tiny details what could be overlook/missed in workshops or just simply because it is some knowledge what it is so important, I want you to have it at your fingertips regardless of you taking enamel painting workshops or not.

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This chapter is design to teach or refresh your memory on wonderful enamel painting technique.