Workshops on demand

Learn and work at your own pace

I was happy to share my knowledge and experience with students in my studio, not even thinking what I am only helping a limited number of students. This was the only way I know how to share my knowledge. When pandemic strike and lockdown become our new reality, like many of us I was figuring out how to adapt to a new life. It was not easy. I purchased a new equipment. I learn how to videotape myself and my way of working, how to edit videos. I did all that for you. So, I can continue sharing my knowledge with you. With all of you around the globe. I was using my website and Facebook combine as a platform for my workshops, but I feel it would be better and more convenient for everyone to bring all these together to one teaching platform although I will keep private Facebook group as a way of communication. Individual workshops will be available for you for 6 months and you could download and print out all the handouts. I understand we are all busy or life may get on a way, and you will need additional time. Please, do not be shy and let me know. Subscription videos/lessons range from research and testing different enamels properties to covering different enameling techniques to broaden/deepen your enameling vocabulary. At least two videos would be added monthly on a 1st and 15th of each month.