Ladybug workshop

Combining cloisonne, opalescent enamel, enamel painting and Moriage technique. This course is for all levels of abilities.

    1. Part One. Introduction. Ladybug and Moriage enameling technique

    2. Part Two. Bending the wires. Ladybug and Moriage enameling technique

    3. Part Three. Bending the wires. Ladybug and Moriage enameling technique

    4. Part Four. Working on the blank, Front and Counter enamels, firing the wires

    5. Part Five. Applying colors

    6. Part Six. Applying colors, introducing Opalescent enamel

    7. Part seven. Finishing touches and Moriage technique

    8. Drawings for bending wires

    9. List of enamels

    10. Tools and Supply

In this course you will found out how to combine cloisonne enameling technique, opalescent enamel, enamel painting, and Moriage technique. With Moriage technique you will be able to add three-dimensional effect to your enamels.

  • $49.00
  • 10 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content

How online workshop work?

This workshops as well as other workshops in my online teaching studio are on-demand format. I feel like in our ever changing and more and more challenging world online learning become welcoming adjustment. But by all mean you are as always welcome to my studio for in person learning. In on-demand format you could work in the comfort of your own home or studio and at your own pace. You will have 6 months (180 days) from a date of purchase to complete the course. All supporting documentation like, drawings, tools and supply are in downloadable PDF format for you to keep for future references. And like with my other workshops private Facebook set up for communication and sharing your complete and process images, questions, and everything else workshop related. When you post in workshop private group, please tag me so I will get notification. Upon registration, please request to join the group: