Course curriculum

    1. Rust removal and prevention. Taking care of my steel tools.

    2. Rust removal and prevention kit source

    1. Plique-a-Jour for Metal Clay Caribbean Fantasy - St Maarten (introduction)

    1. Color toppers for my working enameling supply jars

    1. The year of the dragon. Dragons images in Chinese and Japanese cloisonne in my collection.

    1. Making working supply jars toppers

    2. Tools and Supply for making working supply jars toppers

    1. Needs to be careful if you have lead-bearing and lead free enamels in your studio

welcome to my studio. I am really happy to share my creative process with you, to share what is going on on my bench and talk load while I am working.

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  • 18 lessons
  • 4.5 hours of video content

Take a rare opportunity to pick over the artists shoulder.

Be a part of the creative process I happy to share with you. Look over my shoulder and into my brain, while learning how to do different processes and listen to me sharing my thoughts.