Plique-a-Jour Enameling Technique, Spring Daffodils (backless, pierce work method)

I am so happy to see surge of information about Plique-a-Jour on the web lately. But some of them mythical, misleading, and some right. When I started teaching this technique in my studio, I received many requests to teach in private studios and online workshops. I could not travel at that time and online teaching was unknown territory for me. But then world as we know ended and Covid era began. I took a dive and learned how to tech online. It was not easy task for me, but I am so happy I took a plunge and now I could share my knowledge and expertise with many of you who could not travel far, who leaved across the globe. Nothing is hold back. Everything I know I will pass to you. Nothing, almost nothing would make me happier then see rejuvenation of this beautiful enameling technique. But please, keep in mind my studio is always open for you and in person private and semi-private workshops could be schedule on demand.

    1. Lesson One. Introduction. History of Plique-a-Jour. Different ways to build frame for Plique-a-Jour.

    2. Lesson Two. Part One. Planning your design. Tools. Drilling the cells.

    3. Lesson Two. Part Two. Cutting out frame for Plique-a-Jour.

    4. Lesson Two. Part Three. Cleaning and finesse your Plique-a-Jour frame.

    5. Lesson Three. Part One. Sift or not to sift, add adhesives or not to washed enamels. Let me clear that for ones. Test plate for workshop.

    6. Lesson Three. Part Two. Applying and firing enamels.

    7. Lesson Three. Part Three. Stoning, grinding, polishing, last firing.

    8. Lesson Four. Part One. Bonus lesson - Shading.

    9. Lesson Four. Shading. Part Two. Shading addition.

    10. Plique-a-Jour template

    11. Tools, Supply and Sources

For this Plique-a-Jour workshop you will need to know how to use jewelry saw, but I do not want that to hold you back and I will make a limited numbers of frames for this workshop available in my online supply shop. Workshop kits else would be available in online shop. You will learn what thickness of metal to use, how to avoid stress fractures in sharp corners, how to seamlessly shade the colors and many other tips and tricks you want found any place else. Once you will enroll, you will have 6 months to learn and complete your study. You could download and print out handouts for easy references. Please request to join workshop private Facebook group where you could post your question, process images and complete work. I will answer all your questions in this group as well:

  • $99.99
  • 11 lessons
  • 5 hours of video content

How on-line workshop work?

This workshops as well as other workshops are on-demand format. You could work at your own pace and at comfort of your own home. You will have 6 months (180 days) from a day of purchase to complete the course. Sometimes life will get on the way, and you would need more time. Please, let me know and we work something out.